Monday, 5 November 2012

Pornography addiction and male infertility

Porn-addition, a growing and real condition, results in erectile dysfunction, performance dysfunction and ejaculatory dysfunction - with clear impact on fertility.
There is a new emerging problem in the world of male  infertility - pornography induced sexual dysfunction.  In addition to the hormonaly driven, various genetic and physical obstacles to fertility males face these days, there is a growing problem of porn-induced sexual dysfunction.  With frequent exposure to pornographic materials there seems to be a lessened sexual response in intimate situations in real life.  It is postulated that in individuals who are addicted to pornography the dopamine levels do not reach the right levels in the brain while being intimate with a partner. This translates to erectile dysfunction, performance dysfunction and ejaculatory dysfunction.  This poses a real problem for couples who are trying to conceive as well as putting strain on a healthy sexual relationship.

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